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Tennis Balls Review
Which Is The Best Ball For YOUR Game?

In July 2006, Tennis Magazine conducted a tennis balls review of the major brands of tennis balls.

As someone who is very familiar with all the brands that they reviewed, I was interested in whether their assessment was the same as mine.

Below, I have quoted Tennis Magazine's Review of each ball, with my comments underneath.



"If you want a firm feel when you make contact, and you want a ball that's fairly durable, your search should begin and end with the Dunlop Grand Prix.

Although tennis balls are required by the ITF and USTA to fall within a weight range of 56 to 59.4 grams (a miniscule variance) playtesters said Dunlop felt heavier than the others they evaluated.

Since ball weights are not disclosed by manufacturers, this is purely subjective, but most players needed to take a healthy cut to get pace or turn around a powerful shot. So you might think twice about using it if you have arm or shoulder problems.

The Dunlop Grand Prix tested well in terms of life span -- it didn't fluff up or lose its nap -- and could be a smart option if you're looking to slow down play on a fast court."

- TENNIS MAGAZINE (July, 2006)

I agree with the Tennis Magazine review. The Dunlop Grand Prix has a heavier feel than most balls, is extremely durable, and will appeal to players who like a ball that doesn't travel too fast through the air.



"The Gamma Pro Tour tennis ball features Thintex technology, which combine a thinner wall and higher pressure (using nitrogen instead of air for higher durability) in the ball's core.

The result is an extremely lively tennis ball that played unlike any other tested -- and flew a little bit like a BB.

Serves and groundstrokes exploded off the strings, drawing some impressed smiles from testers, and a few shots that hit the back curtain.

If you're looking to speed up play, Gamma Pro Tour tennis ball should do the trick. And yu've got nothing to lose:

Gamma guarantees that it's the "world's best playing ball," and offers a refund to any dissatisfied customer."

- TENNIS MAGAZINE (July, 2006)

The Gamma Pro Tour is certainly a quick ball. It's also very durable, which is an unusual combination. If you like to be rewarded for hitting with pace, this ball accommodates. It's also a ball that suits serve and volleyers, although it's not very forgiving if your timing is bad or you're hitting off-center shots.

All in all, it's a fun ball to play with, particularly suited to higher level players.



"The Prince Tour tennis ball turned out to be the discovery of our playtesting session, for a couple of reasons.

First, many of our testers were surprised that Prince actually made a tennis ball. And second, each tester found the ball to be enjoyable to play with. It had a more lively bounce than the Wilson or the ProPenn, but not so much that you couldn't control your shots.

The one knock was that after two sets of play the ball felt a little mushy to some testers.

You may not find Prince tennis balls flooding the shelves at your local sporting-goods store, but if you do come across them, they're worth a try."

- TENNIS MAGAZINE (July, 2006)

The Prince Tour is a quality tennis ball that I find really enjoyable to play with. It's a ball that not only responds very predictably, which is just what you want in a tennis ball, but it's also a little more responsive than most balls.

It gives you that little bit of extra topspin or slice, which comes in handy if you have good ball control.

In summary, this is a good ball for every level of player. Definitely worth more ythan "just a try."



"An old faithful in the tennis ball game, Penn is the official ball of the USPTA, and the only ball manufactured in the USA.

It plays well, and has a pronounced yellow color due to its Smart Optik felt, which helps you see the ball if you play in dim lighting or on dirty courts.

But if you hoard balls to fill up the hopper for practice or to hit with your kids, the durability of this Penn might be an issue.

It holds up and performs great for a set or two, but erosion and fluffing of the felt set in after that, testers said."

- TENNIS MAGAZINE (July, 2006)

The ProPenn is a high quality tennis ball. Unlike the Tennis Magazine testers, I haven't had any issue with its durability. It's quite a lively ball that's easy to control.



"You expect a lot out of the official ball of a Grand Slam, and the Wilson US Open doesn't disappoint.

The company's premium ball plays like the greatest hit album of the group -- it combines all the positive characteristics of the other balls without suffering from the shortcomings.

It's lively, but not overly bouncy, and it doesn't play too fast. It's firm and durable, but doesn't feel hard."

- TENNIS MAGAZINE (July, 2006)

There's no doubt that the Wilson US Open is a great tennis ball. It's a really easy ball to play with as it doesn't require you to adapt to any of its playing characteristics.

Even when the balls are fresh out of the can, they are easy to control. And while they aren't quite as durable as a couple of the other brands, they retain their responsiveness when they've lost much of their felt.


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