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Prince 03 Red

Prince 03 Red Mid Plus Racquet Review

Prince 03 Red


  • Power Level: 1100
  • Length:: 27.25
  • Headsize:: 105 sq in MidPlus
  • Cross Section:: 23mm-25-23mm
  • Weight:: 9.9oz / 280g unstrung
  • Balance:: 13.0in / 33.0cm even balance
  • Rec. Strings:: Premier with Softflex

    The Prince 03 Red is a significantly upgraded version of older models like the Turbo Shark and the Triple Threat Hornet.

    If you haven't played with Prince racquets before, and you like a light racquet with a fast swing speed, this racquet's definitely worth a try.

    If you like Oversize or MidPlus racquets, the Prince O3 Red's head size of 105 square inches gives you the feeling that you are playing with either an OS or MP. Although I prefer a racquet length of 27.5 inches, the 27.25 inch length meant that I felt comfortable with the slightly shorter length.

    The two things I liked most about the racquet were the massive sweet spot, (it was almost impossible to mishit the ball) and its maneuverability, both due to the giant O-Ports (where large holes replace grommets) which allow for far greater string flex while significantly reducing aerodynamic drag.

    For groundstrokes, I could generate easily enough power without any loss of control, and I found the Prince 03 Red equally good for volleys. Its light weight, maneuverability and effortless power will definitely appeal if you spend any time at the net.

    The Prince 03 Red is a real players racquet, particularly if you hit with a high swing speed and like a racquet that's easy to move around at the net. I highly recommend it for intermediate to advanced players of all ages.

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    Prince 03 Red


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