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College Recruiting Online

Advice on Tennis Scholarships

Are you looking for a college tennis scholarship? Have you considered using a college recruiting online service?

For example, is an online sports and tennis recruiting service that gives you instant exposure to a vast network of registered NCAA and college coaches who are offering tennis scholarships by means of recruiting online.

Also, you can instantly search among all the colleges in the USA by location and size, saving you enormous amounts of research time and money.

Each year, is visited millions of times by athletes and coaches looking to make connections.

And best of all, registration is absolutely FREE. Signing up is a very quick process, and it's available to players from many different countries.

With over 150 registered NCAA tennis coaches, is the largest college tennis recruiting service on the Internet. It's a great way to save you -- and your parents -- many hours of time and thousands and thousands of dollars.

But, before you do anything else, you must read this informative article by Annette Broersma, a highly qualified and experienced expert on the subject of college scholarships and college tennis recruiting.

Are you, the college bound athlete, a 'commodity' or a 'client', read Annette' s article to find out.

If you're a junior tennis player, check out, a central resource for the stories and issues that matter to young tennis players.


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