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Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus

Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet MidPlus Racquet Review

Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus


  • Power Level: 925
  • Length:: 27"
  • Headsize:: 100 sq in MidPlus
  • Cross Section:: 23mm-25mm-22mm
  • Weight:: 10.0oz / 285g unstrung
  • Balance:: 13.0in / 33cm Head light
  • Swing Weight: 290
  • Rec. Strings:: Premier with Softflex

    Until I switched to the Prince 03 Speedport Red in January 2007, I had played with the Triple Threat Hornet MP since it was introduced in 2001. I was therefore curious as to how the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus version of the original Hornet measured up.

    An extremely popular racquet, the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus won the TENNIS Magazine Editors’ Choice Award in April, 2006.

    Here’s what I thought of it…


    The big difference between the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus and its predecessor, the Prince Triple Threat Hornet, was the Hybrid version’s ½" shorter length. Other than that, I found that I was instantly comfortable with the "feel" of the Hybrid. At 10oz (unstrung) and head-light, combined with the benefit of the aerodynamics of 03 technology, it’s an easy racquet with which to generate terrific racquet head speed.

    With a relatively low power level of 925, I found I had no problem controlling any topspin groundstroke I wanted to hit, no matter how hard.

    Initially, I had a little difficulty getting decent length with the slice backhand, but after 30 mins, I was able to make the adjustment. Same thing with drop shots; initially, they were all landing a little short, but I soon got the feel for any shots requiring deft touch.

    Like all of the Prince 03 and Hybrid series, the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus has a large sweetspot. Still, I found myself pleasantly surprised when I hit off-center shots, which would produce more power than I expected from the racquet.

    Overall, I found the racquet to be a great blend of power and control from the back of the court.


    As with groundstrokes, the racquet's balance and agility make it an easy racquet to volley with. Its blend of power and control allow equally for penetrating volleys into the corners or delicate drop volleys off heavily hit passing shots.

    Racquet head stability was excellent, as was the feeling of firmness when volleying against big hitters. All in all, I found myself just as comfortable with it at the net as I did at the baseline.


    For serving, I found the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus to have decent power and able to generate lots of spin on both slice and kick serves. Due to its maneuverability, I particularly liked it for hitting second serves with a good amount of spin. It gave me a feeling of real security.

    Smashing was also a breeze. Plenty of power and plenty of control.


    Whether blocking back big first serves, or cashing in on an opponent's weak second serve with a big forehand return, the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus was ideal for either situation. What I really liked was the racquet's ability to generate power off wide serve returns that had to be hit at full stretch.


    The Hybrid Hornet is a beautifully balanced racquet with a forgiving feel and a nice blend of power and control. If you're an intermediate to advanced player who likes to play an all round game, give it a try. Likewise, if you're an advanced junior, no matter what age, who has a well developed game, I highly recommend this racquet.

    For example, highly promising 8 year old, Maxwell Cancilla, made the switch to the Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet Midplus in November 2006, and then won his first tournament with it, the Little Mo International 8 and under event, a few weeks later.

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    Prince Hybrid Hornet Midplus


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