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Aircraft engineer, Howard Head, revolutionized the sport of skiing when he developed metal-edged aluminum skis in 1950. HEAD "Standards" were half the weight of hickory skis and just as strong. They also had plastic bases, an innovation pioneered by HEAD that made sliding down the mountain easier. HEAD skis, commonly called "cheaters," made turning dramatically easier.

By the mid 1960's, half of the American skiing public, and 80 percent of Instructors were using HEAD skis. Worldwide, HEAD skis had become the most respected equipment on the market. HEAD ski sportswear was founded in 1966, adding a line of high quality, fashionable sportswear to the company portfolio.

In 1970, AMF purchased HEAD Ski Company. A sports group was formed with other AMF owned companies. In 1971, HEAD became the first ski and tennis manufacturer using completely new technology.

HEAD revolutionized tennis racquet design by producing the first metal frame racquet, the HEAD Comp 1, which Arthur Ashe used to defeat Jimmy Connors in the 1975 Wimbledon Final.

In 1978 and 1979, Guilllermo Vilas won the Australian Open with the first wood graphite laminate racquet.

In 1997, HEAD cemented its growing reputation when they created the Titanium Tennis Line. Weighing in at 8 ounces unstrung, these racquets were the stiffest, lightest racquets available in the world. Titanium also became a top selling technology in the USA.

Today, 30% of the Top 100 ATP players are playing with HEAD tennis racquets.


In 2008, HEAD tennis racquets are divided into five distinct categories:

  • 1). - The TOUR SERIES
  • 2). - The TEAM SERIES
  • 3). - The WOMEN'S SERIES
  • 4). - The POWER SERIES
  • 5). - The JUNIOR SERIES

    HEAD Microgel Extreme Pro The HEAD Tour Series racquets are designed for aggressive, competitive players with a long, fast swing speed. HEAD tennis racquets in the Tour Series category are:







    The HEAD Team segment is ideal for aggressive players with a medium to fast swing speed. FXP Team racquets provide the main performance characteristics and design of HEAD's pro tour models while maximizing control and offering more forgiving shots.

  •    the HEAD Microgel Extreme Team
  •    the HEAD Microgel Radical Team
  •    the HEAD Microgel Mojo
  •    the HEAD Microgel Monster

  • Head Airflow Crossbow Tennis Racquets


    Head Airflow 7 Crossbow Before producing any of the Women’s Series line, HEAD interviewed hundreds of women around the world to find out what women really wanted in a tennis racquet; namely, lightweight power, comfort and maneuverability. All time great, Steffi Graf was also heavily involved in the project.

    HEAD subsequently developed the AIRFLOW Series of racquets, specifically designed for women by offering:

    Lightweight Power

    - Weighing between 8-9oz, and extremely powerful.

    Even Balance

    - By lowering Airflow's balance point to even, these racquets are very agile and maneuverable.

    Ergonomic Grip

    - Because a woman's hand is shaped differently than a man's, HEAD’S ergonomic grip is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom to best fit the anatomical structure of a woman's hand.
    The HEAD Women's Airflow 7 Crossbow

  • the HEAD Airflow 3 Crossbow
  • the HEAD Airflow 5 Crossbow
  • the HEAD Airflow 7 Crossbow

    Made of a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy, the HEAD Metallix racquets are incredibly light and powerful.

  • The HEAD Crossbow 6
  • The HEAD Crossbow 10
  • Head Crossbow 10 Tennis Racquets

    The HEAD Crossbow 10


    The HEAD Junior Series of tennis racquets is divided into four different categories:

    1). - The Junior Tour Series

    These racquets incorporate the original HEAD Microgel technology and design.

    2). - The Junior Radical Series

    These racquets have large sweetspots and are nice and maneuverable for young players.

    • the HEAD Radical 21"
    • the HEAD Radical 23"
    • the HEAD Radical 25"

    3). - The Junior Agassi Series

    These racquets incorporate Titanium technology.

    4). - The Junior Steffi Series

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