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Knowing how much of a role the heat can play in a tennis match, I’m always on the lookout for products that prevent heat exhaustion and/or provide the fastest and most effective relief in stressful, weather-related conditions.

There were only two occasions during my career when I suffered severe muscle cramps while playing a tennis match. On both occasions, I was drinking sports drink products that I’m convinced were the cause of the cramps. Subsequently, I stopped drinking them during matches, and never again suffered any cramps on a tennis court.

I wasn’t sure of it at the time, but refraining from taking the mainstream sports drinks turned out to be a good move.

Some twenty years later, while talking to a former US Olympic trialist in the marathon, Bill Gookin, a biochemist, he told me that drinking some of the common sugar-laden products will indeed cause further dehydration to a body already struggling in hot conditions.

You see, sports energy drinks contain even more sugars and, usually, loads of complex carbohydrates that, while emptying from the stomach fairly quickly, must be digested in the intestines, pulling even more water from the system. If you are already dehydrated, almost to the point of muscle cramping, a few swallows of one of these concentrated drinks will cause water to be pulled from muscle all over the body resulting in "whole body" or "chain reaction" muscle cramps.


Vitalyte Sports Energy Drink

Now, it turned out that Bill was the inventor of VITALYTE, a sports drink product that "replaces fluids and electrolytes faster than any sports drink, electrolyte salts or any other oral fluid or electrolyte replacement solution…even faster than an IV."

Bill went on to explain to me "that VITALYTE is designed to feel like nothing in the stomach, to be absorbed quickly, and to replace the lost water and electrolytes in the proportions that they are lost."

"It is absorbed so quickly that search and rescue teams call it 'an oral IV', and have credited it with saving more than 100 lives of people who required IV electrolyte fluids to survive, but had no IV equipment.


It means that you can drink VITALYTE just before or during competition and not feel it sitting in your stomach. If you’re already feeling any of the effects of dehydration and electrolyte loss, you can feel the difference in as little as three minutes.

If you’re already feeling the beginnings of muscle cramps, as you drink enough VITALYTE, not only will the cramps not get any worse, you will actually feel the cramps melting away.

Even further, in addition to heat stress, physical exertion, and not drinking enough fluids, other conditions that cause dehydration include most illnesses such as colds, and flu; the muscle soreness and "gritty" eyes that are the first symptoms caused by cellular dehydration as are the more extreme effects of a hangover.

Vomiting and diarrhea can cause such severe dehydration that intravenous saline solutions are often needed to prevent fatal consequences. This dehydration is the cause of deaths from influenza, cholera and dysentery. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy also cause acute dehydration and the resultant nausea and malaise.

It’s not just on the tennis court that VITALYTE works wonders, there are also a great number of other occasions where it offers tremendous benefits as well…

  • World's Fastest electrolyte and fluid replacement sports drink for wellness, recreational activities.The fastest sports recovery drink on the planet!

  • Fast recovery and absorption directly from your stomach into your blood stream!

  • Recreational & sports performance replacing the balance of fluids and electrolytes you're losing in sports, recreation, illness and daily activities!

  • 100% leg cramp relief with Vitalyte! Prevent muscle cramps. Vitalyte sports drink is your cure and prevention of cramping.

  • Hangover cure - Hydrate your body for relief of your hangover using Vitalyte as a hangover recovery relief remedy the night before and the day after!
  • Cold relief and flu prevention/remedy a natural way to help prevent colds and reduce the bad effects of dehydration from the flu and possible prevention of the cold and flu.

    Vitalyte Sports Drink Can Energy


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