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Tennis Tips

Evaluate and Improve Your Game

This may be the most fundamental of tennis tips, but have you ever analyzed your tennis game? I don't mean asking yourself if you've got a good forehand or backhand. I mean, have you really analyzed your whole tennis game?

You haven't? Good! Then let's start . . .

The first step is to know how to go about it. Ask yourself, what is your tennis game? What does it consist of?

For starters, tennis is much more than a game of serves, volleys and groundstrokes. When you walk onto the court, you take more than your tennis racquet with you. You take your whole bag -- your temperament, your personality, your character and your brain.

To make my point, let's leave your game aside for a moment. Instead, let's analyze the games of two all-time greats, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.

The first thing we need to do is break the game up into its four main areas, which are . . .


Now, let's see how Pete and Roger measure up in each area...


This part of the game deals with such things as:

  • Determination

  • Staying cool under pressure

  • Overcoming the fear of playing a superior opponent

  • Overcoming the fear of losing to an inferior opponent

  • Dealing with an attack of nerves

  • Playing in front of a crowd

  • Handling unwanted distractions

Well, no flaws or weaknesses for Pete or Roger in this area. I give them each 10 out of 10.

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  • Knowing which shots to play - and when

  • Reading your opponents game

  • Exploiting opponents' weaknesses

  • Covering up your own weaknesses

  • Where you stand to serve and return

  • Where you position yourself in the court between shots

When you get champions like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, it's impossible to achieve such consistent results without a superb strategic ability. Unquestionably, 10 out of 10 for both.

If you want to read the clearest, most logical approach to tennis tips and strategy you're likely to read -- ever -- you simply have to get this e-book. Truly, Tomaz explains tennis tips and strategy in terms that are easily understood by every tennis player.

Whether you're a beginner, an advanced player, or any level in between, I promise you that you'll win more matches by reading this book. It's absolutely superb!


  • Stamina

  • Speed

  • Reflexes

  • Hand/Eye Co-ordination

  • Agility

Pete and Roger are both superbly gifted athletes. The only question mark is stamina. For example, how would they compare with Borg? It's possible that they would struggle with a series of long five set clay court battles at Roland Garros; however, on any other surface, their games are so economical and efficient that stamina, or lack of it, wouldn't really be a major factor.

10 out of 10 again for the two of them.


  • The mechanics of each stroke

  • Footwork

  • Ready positions for returns, serves, at the net, between shots etc.

  • Split steps

As far as technique goes, you wouldn't find two more perfect players. Both possess stylish, all-round, aggressive games. Neither has a technical weakness in sight. Once again, a perfect score for both.

Now, how about you? Using the above as a guide, how do you measure up against Sampras and Federer?

By breaking the game up into its four fundamental components, it's simple to accurately evaluate your own game. The trick, though -- and here's one more of my tennis tips -- is to be able to address your weak areas by taking practical steps to improve them. And how you go about that is what makes tennis so much fun and so challenging.

On a final note, while we're on the subject of tennis tips, you can benefit from these tennis tips at Revolutionary Tennis Instruction. The site is packed with free tennis tips, guaranteed to help you with your game.


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