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College Tennis

The Best Ticket In Town


By Annette Broersma, M.S.

If you live near a college or university with a tennis team – you have box seats to the best tennis viewing experience in town. Junior tennis players play for themselves, professional players play for the money, and college players play for their schools. . . . with heart and soul. . . and it doesn’t get any better than that!

In particular, if your goal is to play college tennis, there is no better research than getting out to see the level of play in the various NCAA divisions near you. Tennis fans of all ages will enjoy the competition. Admission is usually free, seats are excellent, and you can get to know the team and the coaches first-hand. They LOVE having juniors and their parents come out to watch!

First, it is important to know the different divisions of play, so you will know what to expect. While NCAA Division I is the strongest, NAIA and NCAA Division II universities also have some very strong teams that occasionally play against Division I colleges as part of their schedule. NCAA Division III holds the more academic universities, making their tennis the ‘weakest,’ but some argue, with the purest of athletic intentions (they are purely STUDENT-athletes, since there are no scholarships in Division III).

Where can you get schedules? Every university’s athletic web pages has their schedule posted and constantly updated with win/loss records. The ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis Association) posts its information at: This free site has all sorts of information on the teams (rankings), players (bios), and articles. Check it out. Remember to introduce yourself to the coach or team members if you get the chance; they do appreciate the local support.

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Annette Broersma holds a Master of Science in Educational Counseling from Calif. Lutheran University, and a Bachelor's degree from U.C. Irvine where she played on the Women's Tennis Team. She has coached tennis at the high school and community college level, private tennis clubs, and recreation departments.

She held the position of Athletic Counselor at Moorpark Community College where she placed thousands of transferring athletes into 4-year universities. Annette has spoken numerous times at the CA Community College (CCCCA), and High School Counselor's (CSCA) annual conferences where she 'trained the trainers' to assist this elite campus population. Annette continues to speak to large and small groups of athletes to help them find their 'fit' on competitive college teams.

For follow-up questions and personal appointments to speak with Annette, contact her via email by or through her website. If you would like to speak with Annette urgently, she will make every effort to answer quick questions about college placement issues. Please phone her at (714) 697-0708.

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