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Tennis Drills

Tennis Drills
For Every Stroke

Tennis drills are an important part of every coach's and every player's tennis development repertoire. They are used by professional tennis coaches at every tennis academy and every tennis camp around the world.

They are an invaluable supplementary asset in player development, from peewee tennis players to high level, advanced players.

Drills can be used by two players or for large numbers of players (beginners or kids) in a group coaching situation.

In the near future, I will be significantly expanding this drills page to help you with the development of all your tennis strokes and footwork, including such shots as the topspin lob and the dropshot.

Meanwhile please check out the drills, with free video demonstrations of each drill, by clicking on the links below.

Forehand Drills

Forehand Drill - To Develop Topspin


Backhand Drills

Backhand Drill - To Develop Topspin


Tennis Drills For Kids

Tennis Drills For Kids - To Develop Forehand Volley and Backhand Volley


Tennis Footwork Drills For Kids


Tennis Footwork Drills For Kids - To Develop Speed Around The Court
Tennis Footwork Drills For Kids - To Develop Explosive Lateral Movement
Tennis Footwork Drills For Kids - To Develop Agility

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