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Tennis Agility Exercises

Improve Co-Ordination, Balance, Quickness and Agility

Agility Training

To increase your speed around the court, tennis agility exercises should be an integral part of every serious tennis player’s overall training program. When combined with plyometrics, the result for you is a significant improvement in your on-court quickness.

Below is an example of one of a number of basic tennis agility exercises using an Agility Ladder.

Agility Ladder

The player should stand at one end of the ladder, and then…

  • Quickly place the foot closer to the side of the ladder into the first box

  • The second foot then follows the first foot into the same box

  • The first foot immediately steps sideways and forwards out of the box, adjacent to the ladder’s second box.

  • The sequence is repeated until the last box in the ladder is reached

  • Perform 3-5 repetitions


    Make sure that you are properly warmed up.

    Designed to improve your ability to change direction quickly, this exercise should be performed as quickly as possible. Ensure that contact is made with the front part of the foot, which should touch the ground for as little time as possible.

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