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Forehand Tennis Drill


Forehand Tennis Drill
To Develop Topspin

One of the best forehand tennis drills to develop topspin is as follows:

  • The player stands approximately halfway between the net and the service line.

  • The coach stands on the other side of the net and throws (or gently hits) the tennis ball over the net towards the player's forehand side.

  • The ball must bounce below net height.

  • The player steps toward the ball using either a closed, semi-open or open stance to play a firmly hit forehand shot that must first clear the net, but then land inside the baseline.

    By setting this forehand tennis drill up in such a way, the drill imposes on the player the necessity to hit a topspin backhand with correct technique as otherwise it’s impossible for the ball to both clear the net and land inside the baseline.

    The faster the swing speed the more difficult this drill becomes. Only highly advanced players are able to generate enormous topspin while still maintaining enough control to get the ball to land in. However, this drill is designed to enable the player to develop this ability.

    This forehand drill is appropriate for intermediate to advanced players who have already developed the fundamentals of the forehand stroke.

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