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Tennis Drill For Kids

Tennis Drill For Kids
To Develop Forehand and Backhand Volley

A simple tennis drill, called "Two Touch" designed to develop the forehand and backhand volleys,, as well as touch and general racket and ball skills is as follows:

  • The player stands in one of the service boxes between the net and the service line.

  • The coach stands in the opposite service box on the other side of the net.

  • The coach starts the rally by gently volleying the ball to the player.

  • The player must bounce the ball off his or her strings, and then play back to the coach on the second contact.

  • The coach repeats the process and both players keep the rally going as long as possible.

    This tennis drill for kids is one that is both fun and effective in developing their ability to control the ball around the net. It teaches them to develop a "feel" for hitting touch shots, like drop volleys, drop shots and shots that require a certain amount of "feel".

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