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Tennis Parents FAQ

First Tennis Lessons?


When should my child start tennis lessons with a coach?


Depending on your child's ability to concentrate and follow instructions, the ideal age to start technical stroke instruction is between 4 and 7 years old. If your child is a quick learner, with good coaching, he or she will have a technically sound game by eight years of age.

It's no accident that tournaments begin at the 8 & under level, as this is the age when good young players have developed their technical ability to a level where they can construct reasonable points.

Tennis, like gymnastics, is a sport that requires good technical instuction at an early age. This is because the skill development that is required is extremely high.

If a young player doesn't have a solid technical foundation in place by age 12 or 13, it will become increasingly harder to correct any flaws as he or she gets older.

When you consider that Martina Hingis won the French Open Juniors (18 & Under) at twelve years of age -- an extraordinary achievement -- it demonstrates what the most talented and hard working young players are capable of at a very early age.

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