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Reo Asami And Joseph Di Giulio

Two Top U.S. Juniors Switch to Prince O3 Speedport Black Racquet


Two more top juniors have made the switch to Prince as Reo Asami and Joseph Di Giulio, two of the United States’ most talented young tennis stars, recently decided they needed to play the O3 Speedport Black after playtesting the racquet extensively. Blown away by the balance, control and additional racquet head speed they could create with the O3 Speedport Black (as well as the stealth black “look”), both Reo and Joseph came to the decision independently within days of one another. In the end, while loyal to a previous racquet company that both had been with since they were very young, the two boys, their families and coaches, could not walk away from a racquet they knew would take their game to the next level.

“It was the right thing to do,” said Chris Lewis, 1983 Wimbledon finalist and Director of High Performance at the Woodbridge Tennis Club in Irvine, California where both boys train. “We studied the kids carefully and the difference was truly measurable. Both Reo and Joseph are very in-tune with their equipment and knew immediately, separate from one another, that there was something special about these frames. I know both families thought long and hard about making the switch – but with the additional power and swing speed of the O3 Speedport Black, they opted for a racquet that was better suited for them as they develop an all-around, aggressive game.”

Asami, who is from Irvine, finished 2006 ranked #1 in US 12 and under and started 2008 ranked #11 in 14’s already having won three designated titles in that age group last year. Asami also qualified for Le Petits As, one of the world’s most elite international junior events, heading to Tarbes, France to compete in the 2008 competition. He was the 2006 Orange Bowl champion and Southern California sectional champion who also swept both the singles and doubles at the USTA Winter Nationals.

“Reo is a very talented player with an excellent head on his shoulders,” said Woodbridge’s Director of Junior Programs Bijan Noroozi, who works closely with Reo. “He is still quite young but mentally and emotionally he is extremely mature. This is an important year for him as he looks to compete with players who are older and a bit stronger. He’s a good mover but we wanted to work on developing more of an attacking game – get him to hit the penetrating shots and heavier serve needed to compete at higher levels. A racquet that is faster through the air helps him do that and we are already seeing a nice difference since switching to the Speedport Black.” Di Giulio, a seventh grader from Newport Beach is known for his athleticism as well as his incredible focus and intelligence on the court. A natural athlete, Di Giulio had an outstanding year in 2007 winning the Orange Bowl, Eddie Herr, the Southern California Sectional Championships and reaching the semi-finals of the Nike Junior Tour International Masters. In fact, Di Giulio became only the ninth player in Southern California sectional history to win Sectionals in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in the same year.

“We are very fortunate to have both of these gifted and hardworking players training at our academy,” said Chuck Brymer, Director of Tennis at Woodbridge. Joe, like Reo, is an incredible kid whose mind and behavior is one of his primary strengths. He is never rattled and has the ability to stay focused for long periods of time – something many kids have not yet learned to do. We are working on getting Joe to hit out a bit more with what we call “controlled aggression” and we needed a racquet that would allow him to do that. With O3 technology, he gets the power he needs to generate, but also gains additional control. It was an easy and much needed transition for both the boys and the right thing for their games.”

Both boys have already started carrying the O3 Speedport Black in their bags and have each opted to customize their frames using the String Port Inserts – one of the two stringing options, along with String Hole Inserts, that the O3 Speedport Black and O3 Speedport Tour provide.

“Reo and Joe are great kids on and off the court and both have extremely bright futures in the sport,” said Jackie Spicijaric, Manager, U.S. Junior Development. “We could not be happier to have them join Team Prince and we look forward to a long partnership with the boys, their families and their coaches.”

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