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The Woodbridge Tennis Club

Junior Tennis Program

The Woodbridge Tennis Club Facility

Set lakeside at both of its beautiful locations, The Woodbridge Tennis Club is situated right in the heart of Irvine, a family oriented residential city in the middle of Southern California's Orange County.

With 24 hardcourts -- 10 at the South Lake venue, 10 at the North Lake venue, and 4 other courts within the Woodbridge community -- all surrounded by beautifully maintained grounds within a gated complex, you'd be hard pressed to find a more pleasant place to play tennis. And that's before you take into account Orange County's perfect, all year round tennis climate.

Woodbridge Tennis Club, Irvine, Orange County Woodbridge Tennis Club, Irvine, Orange County

The Beautifully Maintained Grounds at The Woodbridge Tennis Club in Irvine, Orange County, Southern California.

Add to that a friendly staff and a junior tennis program that caters to beginners through to some of Southern California’s best junior tennis players, what you’ve got is a tennis environment that is as pleasant as anywhere in the world.

The Woodbridge Tennis Club Staff

Since settling in Southern California in early 2006, I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with Woodbridge’s Director of Tennis, Chuck Brymer, and the rest of his coaching staff.

The club, which is professionally managed by Chuck and his wife, Mary, has a tremendous reputation throughout Irvine and Orange County, due to the competence of the staff and the "hard-work" ethos of Woodbridge's dynamic junior tennis program.

Chuck Brymer, Director of Woodbridge Tennis Club

Chuck Brymer -- Director of Tennis

What makes the club so successful is that Chuck's team, comprising of Jim Strong (South Lake Pro), Erik Nyman (South Lake Pro), Steve deSilva (South Lake Pro), Tim Ludeke (North Lake Pro) and Justin Zillman (North Lake Pro) is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the Woodbridge tennis community is well looked after, and that every player in the junior program receives personal attention.

The Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Program

Catering to the whole range of abilities, from the novice to high level national tournament players, Woodbridge’s dynamic junior tennis program is all about providing the right blend of technical and strategic instruction, combined with plenty of competitive opportunities in an environment that demands excellence -- from both players and coaches -- every step of the way.

Fewer in numbers than the major tennis academies, this allows for the Woodbridge Coaching Team to take a close personal interest in the development of the program's participants.

The Players

In the younger age groups, Woodbridge players are really making their mark on the Southern California junior tournament scene. In June, 2006, in the Southern California Junior Sectionals (effectively the Southern California Junior Tennis Championships) Boys 12 and unders, Reo Asami, Jonathan Huang and Nathan Lewis finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and David Blakeley came in 7th.

In the same tournament, Mayo Hibi finished 4th in the Girls 10’s, with Melissa Huang and Yuki Asami also turning in highly creditable results in the same age group. In the Boys 10’s, Stefan Doehler also did really well, reaching the quarter finals.

Since June 2006, Jonathan Huang has gone on to achieve the Number One Ranking in the Boys 12’s in the USA (Sept 1st, 2006), a significant achievement, and, in December, Reo Asami, won the Boys 12's Orange Bowl in Miami, and then followed that up with a win in the US Boys 12's Winter Nationals in Tucson, Arizona. As a result, Reo finished 2006 the number one ranked 12 and under boy in the US.

Reo Asami

Reo Asami - Winner of the Junior Orange Bowl 45th Intl. Tennis Championships, Dec 2006

In mid 2007, former Woodbridge player, Joseph Di Giulio and Stefan Menichella joined the Woodbridge program. In November, Joseph won the Eddie Herr 12 and Under Boy's singles (winning the final 6-0 6-0), and partnered Gage Brymer to make it to the final of the doubles, a match which the Woodbridge pair were more than unlucky to lose in highly controversial circumstances. Two weeks later, Joseph won the Boys 12's singles at the Orange Bowl, giving Woodbridge back to back titles at the most prestigious 12 and under tournament in the world.

Joseph DiGiulio

Former Woodbridge Player (June 2007 - June 2008), Joseph DiGiulio - Winner of the Junior Orange Bowl 46th Intl. Tennis Championships, Dec 2007

In the Southern Californian junior rankings, Woodbridge players are rapidly becoming more and more prominent. Gage Brymer, after finishing # 3 in the Boys 10's year-end rankings in 2005, has already climbed to # 5 in his first year in the Boys 12's.

Jake De Vries, Gannon Daynes, Stefan Doehler, Jamie Zillman and Kevin Pham are all making rapid progress, as is young Maxwell Cancilla, a hard working eight year old who won the Little Mo International Event in the Boys 8's, and who is now (Dec 2006) on the verge of breaking into the Southern California top 10 in the Boys 10’s.

Jonathan Huang

Jonathan Huang, Ranked Number One in the USA Boys 12's, Sept. 1st, 2006.

The Woodbridge girls are also doing extremely well, with 10 year old, Stephanie Hazell recently winning the Little Mo USA West Regional section, and who reached the quarter-finals in the Little Mo National finals in Texas in October. And with Krystal Lai doing well in the Girls 12's, the Lewis sisters, 8 year old, Geneva and 11 year old, Rochelle, both performing well in their first year of playing tournaments, and the fast improving Vahdat sisters, 9 year old, Nika, and 13 year old, Nakisa, the future for Woodbridge looks very bright.

Yuki Asami and Melissa Huang

Yuki Asami and Melissa Huang

By no means is the above an exhaustive list of the Woodbridge Tennis Club Program players; many others are winning tournaments in the novice and satellite events, of whom a number will certainly go on to compete well in open events.

Ivan Lendl visits Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Program

Visiting Woodbridge's High Performance Junior Tennis Academy, Ivan Lendl demonstrates the forehand to a group of attentive young players.

In 2008, Woodbridge players continued to excel in Southern California's strongest junior tournaments. The highlights included Stefan Doehler's win in the Quiksilver boys 12's singles, with Mayo Hibi picking up the Roxy Championships Girl's 14's Singles title.

As well as winning a number of Southern California Junior Open titles, Reo Asami made the quarter-finals of Europe's most prestigious age group event, Les Petits As, and was a semi-finalist in the Boys 14's Easter Bowl and a finalist in the Boy's 14's Nationals.

Maxwell Cancilla, a former Little Mo International winner, became one of a handful of players in SoCal junior tennis history to win a Southern California Sectional Championship Triple Crown. Maxwell won all three events; the 10's mixed doubles with Paris Todd, the 10's boys doubles with Woodbridge's Eric Nguyen, and the singles title.

In 2009, Drew Dawson, Stefan Menichella and Gage Brymer had tremendous success in the 14's before moving up to the 16's. Drew won the Boys 14 singles at the San Diego National Open and teamed with Stefan Menichella to make the doubles final. Drew also made the finals of the Boys 14's Singles of both the Copper Bowl and the Southern California Junior Sectionals.

Stefan Menichella finished 3rd in the 14's Boys singles at the National Open in Long Beach and made the doubles finals with Gage Brymer.

Gage Brymer made the final of the 14's singles at the Long Beach National Open, and won the 14's Boys singles in the Dunlop Championships, the National Open in Irvineand his first gold ball at the Winter Nationals. In doubles, Gage was a finalist at the Long Beach National Open and the Copper Bowl.

In the 107th 2009 Southern California Annual Junior Sectional Championships, Woodbridge players were a real force. Logan Smith won the Boys 12's singles. Drew Dawson was a finalist in the Boys 14's singles, Reo Asami won the Boys 16's singles. Paris Todd won the Girls 10's singles. Carolyn Xie won the Girls 12's singles. And 13 year old Mayo Hibi won the Girls 16's singles.

Special mention also to Gage Brymer for finishing the year Ranked No. 1 in the USA in the Boys 14's singles.

In 2010, Carolyn Xie was a semifinalist at the Girls 14's Nationals, Gage Brymer won a back-to-back title at the Boys 16's National Open in Irvine, and, like Reo Asami the previous year,  picked up the Boy's 16's singles at the Southern California Sectionals. Later in the year, Gage also added both a Quiksilver title and a Dunlop title to his collection by winning the Boys 16's singles in both events.

In the younger age groups, Eric Nguyen won his first big 12's title at the Los Caballeros Championships, and fast improving Garrett Kurtz made the final of the Boys 12's doubles at a National Open.

In 2011, Drew Dawson and Stefan Menichella made the fourth round of the Easter Bowl, and Gage Brymer won the title (and if that wasn't enough, Gage also won the Sportsmanship Award!).

Along with fellow Woodbridge team member, Ryo Shimizu, Drew, Stefan and Gage formed the nucleus of Irvine's University Boys High School Team, which won the National All-American Tournament title, winning both the semifinal (against NorCal's RJ Reynold) and the final (against the 2010 winner, Menlo) 7-1. Both Drew Dawson and Gage Brymer were named to the all-tournament team. In effect,
Woodbridge players comprised four out of the six members (including the top three players) of the most dominant high school team in the nation.

Just a few weeks later, University sophomore Gage Brymer captured the CIF singles title in the 111th annual Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament, with University High also winning the Teams Event.

If you live in Woodbridge, and you’re a young player or a young player's parent interested in optimal tennis development, give Mary Brymer or Jennifer Salvadori a call at the Woodbridge Tennis Club (949) 733-1100. Hopefully, due to the popularity of the junior program, there'll be a place available for you.


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