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Reo Asami

Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Program

Reo Asami - A Personal Profile

Reo Asami

Reo Asami - Winner of the Junior Orange Bowl 45th Intl. Tennis Championships, Dec 2006

Birthday: 6-27-1994

Residence: Irvine, Orange County, Southern California

Started Playing : 6 years old

Favorite Player: Roger Federer

Hobbies: Ping-Pong, Biking

Ambition: "Number 1 in the World"

Favorite Music: Rap and Rock

Favorite Tournament: Sectionals

Racquet: Wilson nCode nPro Open

Southern California Ranking:

12's: 1 - Oct 2006
14's: 31 - Oct 2006, 22 - Dec 2006

Tournament Results:


  • Winner - 55th Annual Gene Jung Whittier Jr Tournament (01/21/2006)
  • Winner - USTA National Open, Claremont 02/17/2006)
  • Winner - 25th Annual Woody Hunt Memorial South Bay Jr Open (03/04/2006)
  • Winner - USTA National Open, Fresno (05/20/2006)
  • Winner - 22nd Annual Anaheim Tennis Center Jr Tournament (05/06/2006)
  • Winner - 104th Annual Southern California Jr Sectionals (06/17/2006)
  • Winner - Southern California Nike Junior Tour #1 (07/31/2006)
  • Winner - USTA National Open, Dana Point (11/23/2006)
  • Winner - Junior Orange Bowl 45th Intl. Tennis Championships (12/17/2006)


  • Winner - 14th Westcoast Winter Jr Open (11/19/2005)
  • Winner - Lakewood Seal Beach Winter Junior Tournament (01/07/2006)
  • Winner - 7th Annual Chapman University Jr Open (07/15/2006)
  • Winner - 14th Annual Costa Mesa Summer Jr Classic (07/24/2006)
  • Winner - 30th Annual Cerritos Summer Junior Tournament
  • Winner - 2006 Long Beach Jr Open ((08/21/2006)
  • Winner - 2006 Little Saigon Jr Open Tournament


  • Winner - 21st Annual Anaheim Hills Open Jr Tournament

    Reo Asami practising at the Woodbridge Tennis Academy in Irvine, Orange County, Southern California in 2006

    Reo Asami loves playing tournaments. When he’s not winning them, he can be found with other top Southern California junior players working on his game at The Woodbridge Tennis Club in Irvine, Orange County.

    Reo Asami practising at the Woodbridge Tennis Academy in Irvine, Orange County, Southern California in 2008

    To find out more about the Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Tennis Program, please click here!


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