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Portable Tennis Ball Machines Review


Below, I've listed three options of top of the line portable tennis ball machines from the three most reputable Ball Machine Companies in the US - Tennis Tutor, Lobster and Playmate.

All three portable tennis ball machines are manageable to transport and take up very little storage room. They are also user friendly; i.e., they don't require a week studying the instruction manual and a course in advanced electronics to get them to work.

Below, you'll find some basic information about each machine, with a link to relevant pages giving you far more detailed information on them.

In no particular order, my top three recommendations are:Tennis Tutor Plus Player Tennis Ball Machine

1). Tennis Tutor Plus Player ($1,749.00 Including Remote)

The latest addition to the Sports Tutor line, this is an extremely versatile machine. Caters to beginners through to advanced players.

Unique feature includes the ability to set the machine to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced player with the flick of a switch.

Easy to use Controls, which include both pre-set and random ball delivery.

We have a Tennis Tutor at the club where we run our High Performance Junior Program. The machine has performed extremely well.

Based in Burbank, Southern California, Sports Tutor have a first class reputation.

  • Weight - 46lbs
  • Ball Speed - 10-85 mph
  • Ball Capacity - 150

Tennis Tutor Plus Player Portable Tennis Ball Machine

---- Lobster Elite 3 Battery Tennis Ball Machine

2). Lobster Elite Three Battery Tennis Ball Machine ($1,599 not including remote - $199 extra)

Offers similar variety to the Tennis Tutor Plus Player,, but doesn't have the "Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced" feature.

The Lobster Company has an excellent reputation.

  • Weight - 44lbs
  • Ball Speed - 10-80 mph
  • Ball Capacity - 150

Lobster Elite Three Battery Portable Tennis Ball Machine

---- Playmate Volley Portable Tennis Ball Machine

3). Playmate Volley ($1,695.00 including On/Off Remote)

Very similar range of options and flexibility as 1). & 2).

Easily good enough to challenge beginner, intermediate and advanced level players.

An extremely high quality product, and this Company also has a great reputation.

  • Weight - 46lbs
  • Ball Capacity - 200


Playmate Volley Portable Tennis Ball Machines


The above represents the best there is in the portable range. Even though you can get machines that offer features that would challenge and benefit touring pros, the three portables listed above will meet the requirements of beginners through to high level college players and even touring pros.

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