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Jonathan Huang

Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Program

Jonathan Huang - A Personal Profile

Jonathan Huang

Jonathan Huang -- Ranked Number 1 USTA National 12‘s November 2006

Birthday: 1-24-1996

Residence: Tustin, Orange County, Southern California

Started Playing : 6 years old

Favorite Player: Roger Federer

Hobbies: Piano, Watching Japanese Anime on

Ambition: "To find the cure for cancer, or to make a difference in the medical world."

Favorite Music: Classical music because it makes me more intelligent, and any songs that inspire me.

Favorite Tournament: National 12’s Hardcourts in Little Rock, Arkansas

Southern California Ranking :

Boys 12’s: 2 - Oct 31 2006,

Boys 14’s: 47 - Oct 31 2006, 47 - Nov 16 2006

Tournament Results:

Boys 12’s

  • Winner - 61st Annual Fullerton Jr Tournament (2-4-06)
  • Finalist - USTA National Open Claremont (2-17-06)
  • Finalist - 25th Annual Woody Hunt Memorial South Bay (3-4-2006)
  • Finalist - 22nd Annual Anaheim Tennis Center Jr Tournament (5-6-2006))
  • Finalist - Quicksilver Jr Championships (5-27-06)
  • Finalist - 104th Annual Southern California Junior Sectionals (6-17-2006)
  • Semi-Final - USTA National Clay Court Championships (7-16-2006)
  • Finalist - NIKE Junior Tour # 1 (7-31-2006)
  • 3rd Pl. - USTA National Chamionships, Little Rock (8-5-2006)
  • Finalist - USTA National Open Dana Point (11-23-2006)

    Boys 14’s

  • Winner - 15th Annual Southern Cal. Christmas Jr Tournament (12-27-2005)

    Jonathan Huang, Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Program member, Number 1 ranked USTA Boys 12’s November 2006, and scholar, wants to go to UCLA where he can pursue a career in medicine.

    To find out more about the Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Tennis Program, please click here!


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