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Chuck Brymer

Woodbridge Tennis Academy - Tennis Director

Chuck Brymer - Woodbridge Tennis Director

Chuck Brymer, Director of Woodbridge Tennis Academy

Chuck Brymer -- Tennis Director Woodbridge Tennis Academy

Hi, I'm Chuck Brymer. I'm the Tennis Director at The Woodbridge Tennis Academy which, together with my wife, Mary, we have run for the last eighteen years, and where we have a single, burning objective -- to produce national and international junior tennis champions.

Now, you may think, that's all well and good, that it's one thing to talk about goals and objectives; however, it's achieving them that counts. And you're right!

So, without any false humility or apologies for our achievements,  I'd like you to now consider these facts. In the past five years...

- We've won over 50 Southern California Designated junior titles (and we stopped counting months ago).

-  We've captured numerous Southern California Sectional Titles in most age groups and all events, including a Triple Crown Winner. 

- We've produced Number One players in virtually all the age groups in the Southern California Junior rankings.

- We've produced Little Mo winners both at national and international level.

- We had four of six players -- Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 --  in the University High Boys
Tennis Team who won the 2011 National All American Title (winning both the semis & final 7-1, & with Nos. 1, 3 & 5 players unbeaten). What this means is that we have four out of six players in the strongest high school boys tennis team in the nation.

- We've captured numerous National titles and Gold Ball winners, and in many cases with players playing two -- and even three -- years out of their age group.

-  We've developed a number of players who've achieved Number One US junior rankings in their age groups.

- A number of our players have represented the USA in international junior competitions.

- Our players have won titles at the Eddie Herr International Junior Tournament

- We've produced back to back winners in the world renowned Orange Bowl junior event.

With these sorts of results, you're probably thinking that we're a massive, 250+ player program with fifty courts and a huge coaching staff. Well...we're not. What we are is a small, highly intense program that has a maximum capacity of 25 players per day, and a highly motivated, highly qualified coaching staff who, like me, aspire to one thing -- the development and production of junior tennis champions.

At Woodbridge, we've built a tennis home for serious, committed players who, the minute they walk through the gate,  know that every second of their time on court is going to count. We've built a tennis home whose foundation is equally about teaching sound technique as it is about developing winning match strategies. We've built a tennis home that's just as dedicated to building up the highest levels of tennis fitness as it is to instilling in our young players the value of developing mental toughness.

So...if you're a player who lives, eats and breathes tennis, who not only likes hard work -- but seeks it out, who likes winning more than hates losing, who isn't afraid to test his or her limits at a place that 'll find out where your limits are, then Woodbridge is the place where you'd feel right at home.

But just as we know that it's not words that count, it's action. You've got to know that when we do use words, we really mean them!

To find out more about the Woodbridge Tennis Club Junior Tennis Program, please click here!


Chuck Brymer -- Conducting a One Minute Clinic for The Tennis Channel


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