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Tennis Pitching Machines

If you've ever come across the term "tennis pitching machines", you've probably wondered how such machines differ from tennis ball machines.

The simple explanation is that many people refer to tennis ball machines as tennis pitching machines. The reason for this is that tennis ball machines can be used to practice other sports as well; for example, baseball, softball or cricket.

To further confuse things, sports like baseball and softball have their own sport-specific pitching machines. These machines are properly called baseball pitching machines or softball pitching machines, but because they can pitch tennis balls (they can also pitch baseballs or softballs), they are often mistakenly referred to as tennis pitching machines.

Types of Pitching Machines

For examples of each type of pitching machine, you can click on the links below to view them at FogDog Sports, a top-end online sporting goods store. FogDog carries an extensive range of all types of pitching machines, including football pitching machines, soccer pitching machines, field hockey machines, and specialised baseball and softball pitching machines - like the curveball pitching machine.

To view each machine, just click on the links below:

Baseball Pitching Machine
Softball Pitching Machine
Combo Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine
Curveball Pitching Machine
Soccer Pitching Machine
Football Machine
Field Hockey Machine
Tennis Ball Machine ( Tennis Pitching Machines )

If you're a tennis player, and it's tennis ball machines that you're most interested in, please click here for all the information you'll need to decide on the best tennis ball machine for you.

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