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Tennis Instruction Videos

There are hundreds of tennis instruction videos that you can buy. Whether you're looking to improve your own game, further your coaching knowledge, or looking to help your child's tennis development, there are plenty of good instructional videos to choose from.

For example, in the early nineties, a group of Australia's leading tennis coaches met to discuss changes in the direction of Australian tennis. The result of this meeting was the production of a three volume set of extremely high quality Tennis Instruction Videos. The full set is titled Tennis 2000.


Each video looks at every component of the modern strokes from a biomechanical viewpoint. Models are explained, and leading world players like Becker, Edberg, Lendl and Sampras show their individual styles while still using biomechanical tennis principles.

  • Volume One covers the Forehand

  • Volume Two covers the Backhand

  • Volume Three covers Advanced Serve and Volley techniques.

The three volume set is a learning program from a biomechanical point of view. These videos are more appropriate for intermediate and advanced players, as they deal with high level techniques and concepts that will provide food for thought for any player or coach.


Another series of superb tennis instruction videos that will be extremely helpful to your game are those produced by the best tennis coach in the world, Australia's Tony Roche. Roche, an ex-world number two (behind Rod Laver), winner of seventeen Grand Slam titles, former coach of Ivan Lendl and Pat Rafter, and current coach of Roger Federer, produced a three volume instructional set, titled Master Tennis that is a must for players and coaches.

A product of Australia's golden era of tennis in the sixties and early seventies, Roche provides invaluable insight into what made Australian tennis such a force when champions like Laver, Rosewall, Newcombe, Emerson and Roche himself were ruling the tennis world.

Pete Sampras makes no secret of the fact that he studied videos of Rod Laver, calling him "the greatest player of all time". In these videos, you can see for yourself why the aggressive Australian style of playing had such appeal to Pete.

  • In Volume One - The Forehand - Roche covers grips, the flat forehand, topspin forehands, footwork skills, high forehands, wide forehands, lobs, off forehands, drive volleys, forehand returns, slice approach forehands, and expert tennis tips for advanced players.
  • Volume Two - The Backhand - provides comprehensive coverage of backhand topspin, slice, lobs, approaches, returns, footwork and more expert tennis tips for advanced players.
  • Volume Three covers all you need to know about Serve and Volley Tennis. Bearing in mind that Roche, himself, possessed the greatest backhand volley of all time, this volume alone makes possession of the whole series compulsory.

Tony Roche: Tips from The Champions

Another tennis video I thoroughly enjoyed is also a Tony Roche production.

Tony Roche: Tips from The Champions provides you with two hours worth of invaluable tennis tips from a number of Wimbledon champions.

I particularly liked the strategy advice on both singles and doubles given by Roche and Ken Rosewall. Also featured are all time greats like Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, Navratilova, and Newcombe, who pass on their advice through extended interviews.

As with Roche's Master Tennis series, this video is in extremely short supply. I don't know if there are plans to produce more, but I'll let you know if I find out.

These unique tennis instruction videos are true collectors' items.

Amongst them, all the videos recommended above cover every aspect of the game of tennis. They will provide you with endless hours of information and knowledge that will either strongly reinforce - and build upon - what you already know . . . or they will challenge you to re-think your approach to tennis technique.

Either way, the above recommendations will be invaluable assets to your Tennis Instruction Videos collection.


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