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Tennis Art

For Your Enjoyment

Before I buy tennis art, or any art, the first thing I do is imagine how it's going to look hanging on a wall in my home. Even though I've made some mistakes, I've refined my taste to the point where I know immediately if I like something.

For instance, with tennis art, I'm just not interested in buying anything unless my favorite players are stylized in a way that makes them look as though they're going to jump straight out of the frame.

Sure, there's a big difference between a painting and a photograph; however, the same standard applies . . . both paintings and photographs must do justice to their subjects. What's the point of displaying an unflattering painting or poster in your home? I can't help but think that such art is motivated by a flaw in the artist's or photographer's character.

On the other hand, I have nothing but admiration for artists and photographers who capture a player's superb athleticism or depth of emotion in the heat of battle.

As I build this site, it's my intention to display a wide range of tennis art - without discrimination. As artistic tastes vary so widely, I'll leave it for you to decide what you like and don't like . . .


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