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Prince Premier Softflex
Tennis String Review

By Chris Lewis, 1983 Wimbledon Finalist

prince-softflex-16.gif I tested Prince Premier Softflex for over 20 hours using a Prince 03 Speedport Black.The first thing that struck me about this multifilament string was the tremendous feedback my arm received. Its an extremely sensitive and, as the name suggests, soft string that is both arm-friendly and responsive.

In fact, it reminded me a little of playing with natural gut. There is a very forgiving resiliency to the string which will be much appreciated if you have an all-around game with plenty of variety. I have a personal preference for strings that give you a feeling of "elasticity," while still producing predictable and reliable results. It gives me that extra little bit of "feel" when adjusting the range of my shots or playing angles and drop shots.

Now, I'm not talking about the type of elasticity that "trampolines" the ball in unpredictable fashion; Prince Premier Softflex does just the opposite; namely, it's elasticity offers both a high level of comfort and control.

What really surprised me about this string was the amount of power and spin that I could generate. Given how much feel the string produces, I wasn't expecting it to be such a powerful string. For this reason, I can’t classify it as either a control oriented string or a power oriented string. It’s both.

Other positives included good tension holding qualities and reasonably light string movement, although with very heavy topspin, the strings did move around somewhat. Durability was also above average. However, if you hit with heavy topspin and use fast swings, you'll still break strings frequently.

All in all, this is a high quality string that could almost be used as a cheap substitute for gut. If you're a 4.5 player or above, have an all court game, and use a wide variety of shots, give Prince Premier Softflex a try; you just may like it more than your current favorite.

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