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Peter Bodo
Tennis World


Peter Bodo Tennis World

If you’ve visited numerous tennis blogs and message boards, but have been disappointed with the quality of the writing, turned off by the pretentious posturing, irritated by the grandstanding know-it-alls, and been reluctant to post yourself because of the gratuitous insults and general rudeness that are the hallmarks of most of the so-called internet tennis communities, then you haven’t visited Peter Bodo’s Tennis World, the best tennis blog on the planet.

Peter Bodo is the most insightful, the most stimulating, the most respected tennis writer in the game. But he's not only a superb tennis writer, he’s also a wonderfully gifted social commentator. He has an extraordinary ability to connect tennis related issues with philosophical and political issues, an ability to connect dots with lines that become visible only after reading his stimulating and thought provoking articles. And that's just for starters.

Further reason to visit is that Pete is more than ably assisted by another accomplished writer and tireless perfectionist, Steggy, who ensures that all guest comments are moderated according to the highest standard of net etiquette I’ve encountered anywhere on the web.

And if that's not enough, even more reason to visit TennisWorld is because those guests who contribute with their comments, the most frequent of whom Pete affectionately refers to as The Tribe, are some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, witty and provocative tennis commentators it’s been my pleasure to read, and not just on tennis blogs or tennis message boards, but anywhere.

If you don’t believe me, visit yourself and look out for esteemed Tribal Elder, Dunlop Maxply, a.k.a Hank the Hawk as he never misses anything, with his oh-so-astute tennis analyses; or read what Rosangel has to say as she’s a virtual tennis encyclopædia who’s almost as famous for her tennis I.Q. as she is for her stunning legs and healthy obsession with Rafa‘s Rear Admirables (don’t ask me to explain, you’ll have to visit yourself); or if it’s humor you like, keep an eye out for Lucy (the Heartless), but don’t get on the wrong side of her as she’ll rip you to shreds with her acerbic wit (just joking Luce, really); or learn from MMY, whose grasp of tennis issues is extraordinary; likewise, if you want to further expand your tennis knowledge, read the posts from Skip1515, Matt Zemek, Ray Stonada, Creig Bryan, Todd and In Charge, Ptenisnet, Tim, Sam and Manuel Seabra, tennis journalist extraordinaire.

And last, but certainly not least, you might want to check out what the Tribal Chicas have to say; Tari, Sanja, Momofan, AmyLu, Veruca Salt, Day-Lily D-Wiz and Samantha -- they're living proof that it's possible to be both Hott/Hott and Sharp/Sharp.

Oh, almost forgot, if you’re nice to him, the Tribe’s pet, Temes, will bring a smile to your face with some of the tricks he knows. But don’t take my word for it, pay a quick visit to Peter Bodo Tennis World and see for yourself. Don’t stay too long, though, you might get so comfortable that you’ll never want to leave.

Visit Peter Bodo Tennis World

Peter Bodo TennisWorld


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