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Online Tennis Stores

Who are the Best?

The main reasons why I sometimes use online tennis stores to buy my tennis equipment are:

  • Lack of Time

  • The Best Price

  • Hard to Find Products

For example, I was recently having difficulty finding some decent children's tennis shoes for my son. I particularly wanted a pair of FILA shoes, which are very light, well cushioned, and extremely comfortable.

The only place I was able to find them was at Holabird Sports, who provide a truly excellent service.

Another online tennis store whose service I am impressed with is The Tennis Company. After an extensive search for the best deal I could find on Prince's Triple Threat Hornet frames, I decided on The Tennis Company.

I'm pleased to say that the speed of their service, and the quality of it was 10 out of 10. The frames arrived within days, beautifully packaged with no possibility of any damage being done.

Aside from the above two companies, I haven't made any recent purchases from online tennis equipment stores.

However, there are three stores that I continually come across whose reputations are excellent in tennis circles. You might like to check out The Racquet Depot, MidWest Sports and The Tennis Warehouse the next time you're doing your online shopping.

If you do use any of the above stores - and have a pleasant experience - I'd really appreciate hearing from you so that I can add your comments to my site.

As a postscript, since writing the above, I've established my own online tennis equipment store, Tennis-Experts. If you're looking for tennis equipment, contact me to let me know that you've been referred by this page, and I'll make sure you're well looked after.

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