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Lewis Brymer Woodbridge Tennis Academy

Junior Tennis Results

Junior Results and Achievements

Compared with many of Southern California's Junior Tennis Academies -- let alone with the major Floridian Academies like the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy or Saddlebrook -- The Woodbridge Tennis Academy in Irvine, Orange County runs a relatively small junior tennis program. However, it consistently achieves truly outstanding junior tennis results.

For example, when you consider the thousands of talented, ambitious young players looking to excel in the fiercely competitive age group events, what are the chances of a program that caters to between twenty five and forty players producing back to back Junior Orange Bowl singles winners?

Reo Asami - Winner of the Junior Orange Bowl 45th Intl. Tennis Championships, Dec 2006, practising at the Woodbridge Tennis Academy in Irvine, Orange County.

Joseph DiGiulio

Former Woodbridge Player (June 2007 - June 2008), Joseph DiGiulio - Winner of the Junior Orange Bowl 46th Intl. Tennis Championships, Dec 2007

In the face of intense competition amongst the best of Southern California's highly regarded junior tennis academies, what are the chances of producing a Southern California Junior Sectionals Triple Crown winner?

Maxwell Cancilla Woodbridge Tennis Academy

Maxwell Cancilla - Southern California Sectionals Triple Crown Winner (2008)

What are the chances of a small, local (but incredibly intense) junior tennis program taking a player ranked just under seven hundred in the USA at the beginning of the year to the Number One Spot in the nation 12 months later?

Gage Brymer, ranked Number One in USA Boys 14's End Of YearRankings 2009

From numerous Southern California Junior Sectionals winners to Little Mo International winners to Junior Orange Bowl winners, you can see the names of Woodbridge Tennis Academy players engraved on the trophies. Just as you've been able to see, can see, and will continue to see the names of Woodbridge Tennis Academy players at the top of Southern Californian and National junior ranking lists.

And for these reasons, it's why the Woodbridge Tennis Academy is the first Junior Academy in the USA to be officially endorsed and sponsored by Babolat; it's why the Woodbridge Tennis Academy coaches and players featured prominently -- for a full year -- on The Tennis Channel's One Minute Clinics.

Chuck Brymer, Woodbridge Tennis Academy Director Of Tennis, on The Tennis Channel

But whether it's Woodbridge's junior players featuring on finals day at many of the biggest junior tennis events in the USA or Woodbridge tennis coaches featuring prominently on the most viewed tennis network in the USA, one thing's certain, Woodbridge's players and Woodbridge's coaches won't be diverted from continuing to do what they do best -- winning titles and producing champions. .

Chris Lewis, Woodbridge Tennis Academy High Performance Director, on The Tennis Channel

If you live in the Irvine or Orange County area, and you’re a young player or a young player's parent interested in optimal tennis development, give Mary Brymer or Jennifer Salvadori a call at the Woodbridge Tennis Club (949) 733-1100. Hopefully, due to the popularity of the junior program, there'll be a place available for you.


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