Wilson K Factor KSix-One Tour 90 Is The One

by Joe
(Dana Point , Ca)

I am a 5.0 level player. I have been using the Head Prestige mid 93's and loved them -- until I tried the Wilson K Factor KSix-One Tour 90. I have never felt a racquet that was this heavy and balanced so perfectly.

My game from the baseline improved the most, hitting consistently as hard as I can hit the ball. Whether I hit topspin or a flat ball, or a slice backhand, I had never felt the ball come off a racquet like this one.

As long as you keep your eye on the ball and your head down, this racquet will put the ball on a dime! I have now been using 3 of these racquets and going through different tensions and different string types, I have found that 53 pounds is perfect for me with a thinner gauge string.

If you are an advanced player or pro looking for the perfect racquet, this is the one! Just try different tensions, and when you find the one for you, never look back!

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