by Ben

This racket surpasses anything i've ever played with by a country mile. i gelled with it from day one and have found it immensely rewarding. i've achieved far better all-round play, especially in the consitency of ball postioning ever since i changed to this racket. i now own 2 and hate to play with anything else. perhaps the suprising thing to note is that i'm only a 8.2 rated player who doesn't play a lot of matches and mainly just plays at club level. i find this racket by far better suited to my game, and far more effective than the heaps of other less 'control' and 'control' rated rackets i've used in the past. its the only racket i've truly ever clicked with and can honestly say i can't remember hitting a single shot with it in 7 months where my reaction has been to look down at the racket in bemusement and think 'what just happened there?' any errors i make are now simply my errors and not the racket's and the errors are a darn site fewer and father between than i used to produce with any other stick.
From my own experience, i can't agree that only 5.0+ rated players can love this racket and use it more effectively than other rackets. if you like to swing big through the ball with a relaxed, fluid motion then i think whatever standard you are, you're going to find this racket a treat. i stress the 'fluid' motion in terms of moving your arm big through the swing whilst keeping your wrist very relaxed. this is a technique i've deliberately built into my game (and used to employ even before i owned the i've noticed that players who like to create their own deliberate manipulation of the wrist- deliberatley flicking it instead of keeping it totally relaxed and letting it naturally whip due to the swing of the racket- seem to be hindered more with this racket. this is probably due to it's weight and high control/low power rating. if you 'limp' up your wrist in your ground strokes to allow the swing and weight of the racket to flow effortlessly through the ball, you'll find that is where this racket takes over for you and does an incredible job creating predictably solid shots time and time again. The feel and look of this racket make it an absolute beauty.

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Oct 08, 2015
I've noticed NEW
by: Jack Easton

I've noticed that players who like to create their own deliberate manipulation of the wrist- deliberatley flicking it instead of keeping it totally relaxed and letting it naturally whip due to the swing of the racket- seem to be hindered more with this racket.

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Sep 29, 2015
debenny NEW
by: Anonymous

I play with the Wilson Blade Team BLX and it is the best racket I have ever played with. It has a level adjust and has an adaptable casing which permits me to split champs from the standard and/or put artfulness on the ball any place I may be on the court - even the net. dissertation writing services uk
.It is a strong racket that makes you have an inclination that you have something in your grasp yet at the same time sufficiently light with the goal that you can control the ball.

Jun 23, 2015
No problem NEW
by: Debenny

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Thanks :)

Jun 22, 2015
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by: Edythe McGlynn

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Apr 11, 2015
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Jul 13, 2011
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Sep 24, 2010
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Hmmmm...It was a cool game.
Mary Taylor


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