Phillip Martyn


every word of Chris Lewis,s tribute to Vitas was the way it was
in a world of big egos he left his at the door. Vitas was the most charismatic person i have ever met. his presence lit up any street he walked on.
Vitas came from a strong family background and his family was number one in his life although he sometimes must have caused them some anguish!!
tennis was Vitas,s life and through tennis he was able to see a wider world. he gave it his best shot and never dwelt on a loss. to recover from that he would collect his friends like Ritchie and Bruce and who ever else was around at one in the morning and rent a sound studio and jam until everyone dropped.
Vitas treated everyone with total respect. Mr Hopman was his god and he played his best tennis when Fred Stolle was his coach
his tragic death left a much emptier world for all of us who loved Vitas and it came at a time when his old friends had maybe lost touch with him but at a time when maybe he had discovered another way to live his life
the photos i have of time spent will always remind me of a truly mega- character
Chris said it all
Vitas Gerulaitas R.I.P.

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