Michael Koren, 5.0

by Michael Koren
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

Greetings all.

My favorite Prince frame of all time is the Precision Response 660 MP. It's the original, red racquet that Pat Rafter was so successful with. It's the frame that spawned such spin offs as the the Response Titanium, TT Warrior, More Response, and soon the Vendetta (which I've read is a re-painted Warrior). Its 97 s.i, 23 mm wide, 63 stiffness rating, and 16x19 open string pattern offers great control, heavy spin, deft touch, and sufficient pop to aid the creative player. In my experience, there's still nothing quite like it on the market. (Including the O port and Speedport models of recent years which don't offer the same feel and feedback (muted) or the same classic solidity at impact).

I'm still playing with the Precision Response 660 MP but confess they are getting hard to find! If anyone has a (4 3/8 or 4 1/4) in great condition, 'please' give me a shout? Thanks!


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