Jimmy B

by Jimmy B
(Rockledge Florida)

I taught at Harry Hopman's Bardmoore International facility and Vitas used to workout there and he would put on a clinic and allow kids to come onto the court and play a point, he would quickly access the juniors game and 9-10 times Vitas would win the point, he would do this to sharpen his game and the juniors loved it and him for giving them a chance to play with a top ranked player and I guess that is one of the many reasons why Vitas had so many fans! What a classic game Vitas had the beautiful ground strokes and volleys and the speed with which he covered the court was truly amazing the ball seemed shoot off the face of those Jack Kramer racquets with that signature white gauze grip tape Vitas popularized. The other thing I admired about Vitas was his ability to be liked by so many people, he had that knack as well, people would gather around him at the pool, Bardmoore and soon they would all be laughing and carrying on as if they new Vitas a thousand years and people afar would seem to be laughing as myself a witness of his charisma and as I would imagine that he too was a friend. Vtas went too soon but he left a great impression on the world, thanks Vitas! Jimmy B

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